Forum Rules (read me first)

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Here you will find pretty much everything related to Vulcanus in Japan. Information about this session and also previous sessions - applications, shortlisting, selection, etc.

English is mandatory.

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Forum Rules (read me first)

Postby Airdawg » 10 Oct 2012, 14:45

Before posting here, there are a few rules you should know about in order to keep this place tidy and pleasant for everyone to use.

Most of them would seem obvious to someone used to forums, but please take two minutes to read this anyway.

1 - All basic rules of forum etiquette apply

We assume that these rules are obvious to everyone, but it can't hurt to remind them :
- Stay polite and moderate at all times. No insults nor flaming will be tolerated.
- Racial discrimination and similar outrage, of course, will not be tolerated either.
- References to illegal acts (e.g.: downloading pirated material from the Internet) will not be tolerated.
If you go against these rules, your post(s) will be edited or deleted by the moderators.

2 - Do NOT disclose any confidential information about the program

Please be aware that this is a public forum accessible to anyone. Do NOT disclose any confidential information you might have received from the EU-Japan Center (such as the shortlist, details of the internships, links to hidden files in the EU-Japan server, etc.).
This is a very important issue, so please keep this in mind every time you are publishing information here. If you have a doubt about its confidentiality, ask first.

3 - Check if your question hasn't already been asked before posting a new thread

This is a matter of politeness. Nobody likes to answer 10 times to the same question.
When the time comes, we are already trying to build a FAQ from the former ViJ forums and questions posted here. Compiling them will take some time.

4 - Keep topics tidy

- Different problem, different thread :
Refrain from starting discussions unrelated to the original topic in the same thread. Please open a new one.
- Self-explanatory titles :
Information are much easier to find when topic titles describe clearly their content.

5 - Make an effort to use proper English

Of course nobody will blame you for grammatical mistakes, don't worry!
But please use punctuation, avoid excessive use of abbreviations, and try to limit typing mistakes.
For everybody to understand what is said here, you should also refrain from using your mother tongue on this forum - except, of course, if it's English.
We have a separate forum for all the official EU languages. Use the appropriate thread there.

I suppose that's all. Enjoy your stay.

Looking forward to hear from you all :)

‒‒‒‒ Airdawg
(partial credits: Tom(vulcanus2007)

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