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Deadline exceeded

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Deadline exceeded

Postby liqufri » 20 Jan 2016, 20:41


I found out about this programme on 18th of January and got fascinated of this. As long as I am currently abroad it took me a period of time to gather all the required files from my motherland.
As the deadline was 20th of January, I sent documents today without medical certificate and letter of recommendation. I already received them but it's too late to send them cause Post Office is already closed.

If I decide to send another letter tomorrow, the 21st of January with lacking documents, is it a chance that my application will be still recognized?

Today I put information inside that my application is lacking and that I would like to send up files later.

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Re: Deadline exceeded

Postby CapnJackSparrow » 20 Jan 2016, 20:49

Hello! I don't know if it's going to work, but what do you have to lose? I would send it anyway!
Except that, allow me to say "WOW! OUTSTANDING! ULTRA-KILL!", I mean, putting up all the documents in 2 days, man, you are cool!
What is you major?
Good luck with everything!
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Re: Deadline exceeded

Postby reteka » 21 Jan 2016, 14:18

May the luck be with you, do not know of any case like that, but you do not lose anything by trying, who knows ;)
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Re: Deadline exceeded

Postby liqufri » 25 Jan 2016, 15:27

reteka wrote:..." do not know of any case like that"...

You mean you never met such a case or don't know any which was accepted? :)

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