Tourism during Vulcanus

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Tourism during Vulcanus

Postby VLC89 » 23 Feb 2016, 14:30

Hello everyone, I called this topic "tourism during Vulcanus" in order to make it more general so it could be of interest for other people.

Is it possible to travel abroad during your stay let's say to China? Or are there any immigration limitations? My international office told me not to think about it because I'll spend the rest of the year in the office :roll: it would be nice to know whether it is true.

Anyway, what I'm concerned about is that October the 1st is my brother's wedding and I would regret to miss it. Any info would be of great help, thanks
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Re: Tourism during Vulcanus

Postby Ktrn » 24 Feb 2016, 01:14

We have the normal Japanese holidays (Golden Week and Obon Week being the longer ones) and also a bit longer Christmas holiday, so yes there is some time to travel.

Most of us have the visa for single entry only I think, but despite the name, you can go in and out of Japan. You just have to fill a specific form at the airport when leaving, tick one important box on that form and that's it. For China you'll need a visa though, but if you're a normal case you should be able to get one without a hassle.

The school requires you to get at least 95% attendance rate and as there are no holidays around Oct 1st I would say it will be hard to go. I'll also be missing a wedding of two of my best friends (getting married to each other) during this summer, but no can do.

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