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Japanese Water companies in Vulcanus program

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Japanese Water companies in Vulcanus program

Postby Heichou » 19 Oct 2016, 07:16

Hello people,

I am a French postgraduate student specializing in Hydraulic and Water Treatment.
very interested in this program as I am a big fan of Japan. I have already spent 2 months there !

but do you think there are companies specialised in Water engineering participating in this program ?
I have read that it is mostly fields such as : Electrical engineering, Mechanical engineering, Aerospace, Bio ... that are sucessful.

Thank you for you replies :-)
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Re: Japanese Water companies in Vulcanus program

Postby yez » 29 Oct 2016, 16:09

There are a few companies which keep up a regular participation, and some who join in/drop out from year to year.
So, there is a chance that such a company might participate, but its definitely a smaller chance than a computer science related topic.

Best option is to prepare an application and see what companies participate in January (though that list is not exhaustive at that point in time). If you are willing to maybe work slightly outside your area, you chances will increase a lot (something which might happen in any case).

best of luck.
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