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Postby Srce » 19 Jan 2017, 15:15


I saw that the Grant is only supposed to cover the basic living costs, however, it seems to me like it is an amount way too big for a month living. Do the programme control how we spend the money? How? Am i just underestimating the living costs of Japan?
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Re: Grant

Postby arxakoulini » 19 Jan 2017, 17:01

I have no idea about how the money thing works but this website: is really usefull for those kind of things.
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Re: Grant

Postby yez » 19 Jan 2017, 21:42

You probably are underestimating it. Food and drinks can be (surprisingly) expensive. For sure more than in most European countries. For example, just be aware that 6 apples in Japan might easily run you 4-8 EUR (fruits and vegetables can be pretty expensive...). Can of beer 2-3EUR.

But consider that you also upfront pay for the flight to Japan (can easily go up to 1000 EUR, depending on your country etc...hopefully less), flights to Brussel (100-200EUR). They are not covered additionally.
Then it depends on what company you will work for, and what your perks are. If you live 2h outside of Tokyo, like many of us did, you will need to pay for 200-300 EUR of commuting costs to Tokyo/language school.
Electricty/Water might or might not be covered by your company.
Wifi might or might not be covered.
Your phone bill.
Will you make breakfast/lunch/dinner yourself everyday or just hit a 7/11? So you might easily spent 20 EUR per day for food/drink, depending on how lavish you live.

Long story short, I think no one died from hunger. The scholarship is very decent and makes sure that everyone, regardless of their living situation (which depends on the company), can survive. So some have more money left at the end of the month, some less.

And while not officially part of living costs, I am sure, the EU-Jp Centre is happy if every student gets to travel at least a bit, participate in a local sport club, or go out with friends once in a while. You will quickly see that at the end of the month, your account balance will look really really small.
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