Any Statistics from previous years?

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Any Statistics from previous years?

Postby arxakoulini » 20 Jan 2017, 17:10

I was wondering if we could know the ratio of total applicants/selected from any previous year. Even if no official data should exist, maybe a former participant could know or make a guess about that ratio.

Also, do they need to select X Engineers, Y Mathematician and so on?

For instance, the number of positions seems to vary between professions. So, are they looking to select a group of people corresponding to the positions in demand? I mean, during the upcoming shortlist selection period, are they gonna reject a good Mathematician e.g. because they have already selected enough of them -relatively to the positions available for Mathematicians-?

I hope you got my point. It would be nice to know how this kind of thing works.

Thanks in advance and good luck to all ! :D
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Re: Any Statistics from previous years?

Postby Ilias95 » 20 Jan 2017, 18:02

Regarding your first question, you can find some numbers here: ... 7_-faq.pdf
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Re: Any Statistics from previous years?

Postby AleBK89 » 20 Jan 2017, 18:40

2016-2017: ~800 students applied - 150 shortlisted - 35 placements
2015-2016: ~700 - 120 - 45
2014-2015: ~900 - 120 - 45
2013-2014: ~900 - 120 - 25

Thanks! Good luck also to you!
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Re: Any Statistics from previous years?

Postby yez » 20 Jan 2017, 22:16

There are some comprehensive statistics on
Also shows the country participation (of selected).

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