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Commuting time to workplace?

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Commuting time to workplace?

Postby gangan » 24 Feb 2017, 15:18

Hello everyone!

In another post I read many people lived 2 hours away from Tokyo, so going to the academy was a long trip. Does the same happen for the workplace? I can handle 4 hours commuting time a day for a few months but I doubt I can do that for an entire year. Also, If you lived more than an hour away from the workplace how did you cope with it?
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Re: Commuting time to workplace?

Postby yez » 24 Feb 2017, 15:40

I don't think anyone lived very far away from their workplace. Probably in most cases <45 min to get to their respective workplace, which I guess is pretty normal for a major city. Those living further out (Hitachi, Atsugi) not so far I guess. Sometimes I walked to work in about 30 mins.

Yes, some folks, especially NTT CSL lab people, are pretty far out with regards to school . We had -more- than 2 hours commuting one way. Not sure if it happened before, but my generation basically ditched the dorm (except for one guy who suffered for 4 months). Basically we found a shared apartment in Tokyo, right next to school. Not cheap, but quality of life drastically improved. I heard this year took up on our idea :).
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Re: Commuting time to workplace?

Postby Ktrn » 25 Feb 2017, 19:04

I lived ~8kms from my workplace in Hitachi, but my schedule was like this:
* 7:30 - leave the dorm and bike half the way to the bus stop
* 7:50 - get on a bus (there's only one to go with in the morning)
* 8:20-8:30 - arrive to work
* 8:50 - start working (bell rings)

So we spent a lot of time for a seemingly short trip, but you get used to it and it's actually nice to spend the time chatting with friends (also other than Vulcanus). :)
In comparison though, the Hitachinaka people lived only a short walk away from work.

But our dorm in Tokyo had a really nice location, only 5 stops from the school with the train.

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