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Non compulsory documents

Posted: 29 Dec 2017, 03:13
by Tino
Hello everyone,

I am Tino from Croatia. There are few things that I'm unusre of after I read application, so it would be great if somone can give me an answer or advice.

I have 2 recommendation letters. Should I put them one after another with number 4, or should one of them go to additional documents?

When numbering the original documents, if there are more papers for a category I should put a number only on the first paper and leave the rest of the papers without a number?

I have some additional documents that are not in the list from 1-8. Should I put them in the first folder after all of the original documents without any number ? How should I specify where is the start of the first additional document. Also, since we have to submit everything in paper I would persume that links are almost useless. That being said, I have some awards, honorary mentions and certificates and they all round up to around 15 papers. I am not sure if I should put all of them and it's hard to evaluate which one is more important. Do you have any advice regarding this? is it a problem if too many papers are sent?

Re: Non compulsory documents

Posted: 31 Dec 2017, 11:03
by cona11
In fact, I just mentioned my prizes and scholarships in the application form and CV. Also, I explained briefly some of them in the letter of motivation. I did not attach to the application any additional document proving all (Even when I have the documents to do so). I just said that if they need it, they can contact with me.